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Submissions of Material

The Rail Performance Data Foundation was founded in 2013 to act as the custodian of the substantial volume of train performance logs and related material from all over the world collected by the Railway Performance Society (the RPS) from its members and elsewhere, and to collect, preserve, and disseminate such data and information with a view to increasing the understanding of railway traction performance whenever such opportunities exist.

Its work is made possible solely because of the generosity over the years of many donors who have provided material for the RPS Archives, and the countless hours provided by a small but dedicated group of individuals who work entirely voluntarily to scan and upload the material

Even so, we have running costs to operate this website, and we are therefore also very dependent on the generosity of many in making regular donations to support the work of the RPS Archives

Your support to enable us to continue and expand our work is greatly appreciated, and you can do so in two ways;-

1 - Donations of Material

The RPS Archives encourage anyone who undertakes train timing to submit their material to us (via the contact details below) for copying and inclusion in the RPS Archives as a means of preserving the material for future generations at no cost to the donor, whilst continuing to expand the RPS Archives as the largest single collection of such material in the world.

Submission of material to the RPS Archives is on the basis that;-

1. the donor may continue to make unrestricted use as they wish of any submitted material which they have personally recorded, without reference to the RPS Archives;

2. the material is available for use by authorised users of the RPS Archives for their private research without further consent; and

3. the material may also be used in any Railway Performance Society (RPS) publication at any time without further consent; and

4. The RPS Archives shall have the right to give consent, at any time, at its discretion, on such terms as it feels appropriate, to the use of any material in the RPS Archives for any purpose outside of the RPS, including for commercial or publicity purposes, or in any form of publication, without reference to the donor or author of the material.

Authors who are members of the RPS may from time to time specify that, for so long as they remain a member of the RPS, the RPS Archives shall not be permitted to give consent under paragraph 4 for the use of material recorded by themselves without the prior consent of that author. Material to which this restriction applies will be marked as such against the authors’ name in the database.

2 - Cash Donations

By making a cash donation large or small, one-off or regular. The Foundation is eligible to claim Gift Aid on donations made by UK Tax payers which is extremely valuable to us since this adds a further 25% to the value of a donation.

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